10 Tanker Air Carrier operates DC10 aircraft in support of the world’s fire fighting community.

DC 10 aircraft, highly regarded for their durability as passenger and cargo airliners, are modified by the Company and operated as highly effective aerial fire fighting tankers.

Capable of carrying 11,600 gallons (44,080 liters) of retardant, gel, foam, or water in its constant flow external tank system, the DC10 has consistently proven to be effective in both direct and indirect applications.

Fire fighting experts have stated that this innovative tool for aerial fire fighting is a real “game changer” due to its volume carried, jet speed, and rapid turn-around capabilities. Cockpit controls permit full or partial loads to be dropped in numerous quantities and coverage levels as required by incident commanders. Operations dovetail smoothly with conventional aerial and ground assets.

We are a private company that has developed the DC10 without any government funding. The Company will grow its fleet to accommodate the requirements of local, state, and federal fire fighting agencies world wide



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