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The Bighorn & Tortolita fires began on June 5th and quickly spread to an estimated 4,000 ac combined. Originally due to their distance, no evacuations were needed at the time. However, on June 7th authorities asked residents near Bighorn Fire to prepare for possible evacuations, or consider voluntarily relocating outside the affected area.

With flames being pushed downhill by downslope winds, firefighters kept the blaze in canyons and ridges and prevented it from moving downhill.

On June 11th temperatures went up to 106 degrees with low humidity, fire activity increased and was highly visible on the front range of the Santa Catalina Mountains.

Crews worked continuously to hold the fire perimeter and to build the fire line. Tankers 912 & 910 supported the crews on the ground with over 14 drops a total 131,600 gallons of fire retardant.

On Wednesday, June 10th the Tortolita fire was 60% contained according to forestry officials.

As of Thursday, June 11th the Arizona Department of Forestry and Fire Management announced on Twitter that the Tortolita Fire is 100 percent contained.

With fires continuing to appear across the southwest and around the U.S, 10 Tanker is dedicated to protect those affected by these fires. We thank you for your support.

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