Meet 10 Tanker's Director of Maintenance

Meet Jason Bennett, the Director of Maintenance for 10 Tanker. A veteran of the US Air Force, he started his career in 1991 as a KC10 Crew Chief for six years. Since then, he has been working on the DC-10 and various aircrafts for the last 30 years. Working for 10 Tanker since the start of the company, his most recent position as of June, Director of Maintenance. What he admires most about his work is the company’s mission and the people he works with. Jason loves that he “gets to fly with some of the most talented pilots in the world and work with the best mechanics around. The mission is very rewarding, helping save communities and lives, as we keep the aircraft flying safely.” Jason and his maintenance crew work long hours and many late nights to ensure the airplanes are ready to fly each day. His advice for anyone interested in aviation maintenance is to set goals high and work hard to achieve them. He says, “This career field can be tough at times but the rewards definitely far out way the difficulties.”

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