Warehouse Assistant

General Summary:

10 Tanker Air Carrier is an aerial firefighting company that operates DC-10 aircraft modified to disperse fire retardant to control forest fires. The Warehouse Inventory Assistent is responsible for conducting inventory and keeping an accurate count of the warehouse, as well as shipping and receiving.

Primary Responsibilities:

          Must be able to Lead and or Follow as work and circumstances dictate

·         Be financially responsible in all company and personal matters

·         Receive parts from Shipping company’s (UPS, FEDEX, OTHER couriers)

·         Fill out company part control tag (PCT)/ Traceability tags

·         Receive parts into inventory system (AMS)

·         Box up and put parts away in the warehouse

·         Locate parts in the warehouse

·         Ship parts to the aircraft and vendors

·         Keep accurate count on stock items

·         Ensure all work areas are maintained orderly and clean

·         Ensure all tooling and equipment are properly maintained, clean and stored after each use

• Pays $10.00-$12.00 an hour


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10 Tanker Air Carrier 2503-A Clark Carr loop SE Albuquerque, NM 87106 (760) 246-8288

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