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Meet Jeremy Garden, our Director of Maintenance

Meet Jeremy Garden, 10 Tanker’s Director of Maintenance since last season. He has been working with our team for five years and shown tremendous expertise and dedication in maintaining our airplanes. Jeremy earned his Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration from the University of Tennessee, his A&P certification from the University of Alaska in Anchorage, and even became a private pilot. He worked for a regional airline, PenAir, for 10 years in Alaska and Colorado filling many different maintenance roles. What Jeremy enjoys most about this line of work is the unpredictability of the day- each day is different with a varying routine. When he isn’t working, he enjoys to flyfish, camp, hunt, and fly. He has a wife, cat, and dog and they recently relocated from Denver to Colorado Springs. For anyone who may be interested in the aerial firefighting line of work, Jeremy recommends making sure you and your family are okay with a traveling schedule. Jeremy says, “We look for people that are committed to the company and the mission. Make yourself stand out and use your resume to communicate why 10 Tanker is the place for you.” A huge thank you to the hard work Jeremy puts in to keep the planes running safely and maintain a smooth operation!

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