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10 Tanker Operations- June 2021

Since early June, 10 Tanker has been called to respond to several major fires throughout the United States:


#TelegraphFire: Two miles southeast of Superior, AZ. Numerous structures are threatened, with evacuations and road/trail closures in effect. Currently, 10 Tanker has executed 77 missions delivering approximately 723,800 gallons of retardant to the blaze.

#ShamrockFire: 10 miles east of Nogales, AZ. Three of our Tankers have worked together to lay down several containment lines surrounding the fire. More than 14 flights were completed to the fire on June 10th, and 7 on June 11th. With 194,000 gallons delivered, it is now 100% contained.

#PinnacleFire: Eighteen miles south of Bylas, AZ. Our Tankers have carried out 12 missions and dropped 112,800 gallons of retardant in critical areas to help slow the fire's spread. As of June 18th, the Pinnacle Fire is 10% contained, with 26,460 acres burned

#WinchesterFire: 40 miles north of Sierra Vista, AZ. Tanker 911 carried out 7 missions, delivering roughly 65,800 gallons to the fire on June 15th. The fire is currently 30% contained with 1,800 acres burned.

#Wyrickfire: More than 15 drops have been completed. Extreme fire behavior continues as ground crews try to contain the fire with crowning and torching. Evacuations, area, road, and trail closures in effect.

Northern Rockies:

#RobertsonDrawFire: Southern Montana. 5 missions have been completed, totaling 47,000 gallons of retardant delivered as of June 16th. Fire status: 0% contained, and 20,436 acres burned

10 Tanker's missions spread far and wide, and we are honored to serve alongside fire management teams as we continue to build effective partnerships.

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David Spady
David Spady
01 сент. 2021 г.

The crews at 10 Tanker, are putting a lot of hard work in on the ground and in the air this year. 2 major fires in California, Dixie and Caldor are breaking records. Great job andHats off to ALL @ 10 Tanker...


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