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Recently 10 Tankers operations have had our crews working fires from the northwest of the U.S to the Southwest. Not to mention the numerous fires in the Great Basin Area and along the Rocky Mountains.

However, the majority of the larger fires have been in both the northern and southern ends of California. Making Santa Maria & San Bernardino airports like a second home for our Tankers. Those fire being:

🔥July Complex 83,261 ac 35% containment

🔥Apple 32,905 ac 50% containment

🔥Gold 22,634 ac 98% containment

🔥Hog 9,564 ac 98% containment

🔥Stagecoach 7,760 ac 77% containment

Though it goes without saying “there is no such thing as a small fire when 10 Tanker has to get involved”. Even the site of a 1-acre fire is an overwhelming sight for anyone to see near their own backyard, just imagine over 300, or 500 acres, and MORE!

With constant encouragement from supporters like you. We are proud to have state of the art aircrafts, crew members, and staff dedicated to protecting and serving those affected by wildfires. Here is an update on our recent missions along with some great photos.

We hope you enjoy them.

Southern California, Canyon Fire

Keeping the brave men and women that fight these fires in our thoughts and prayers.

Southern California, "Stagecoach Fire"

Tanker 911 in action, photo taken by @ryanbabroff

Fountain Hills, Arizona, "Goldfield Fire"

"The Grizzly Creek Fire has been transferred to the Rocky Mountain Type 2 Incident Management Blue Team as additional resources arrive today to help fight the growing blaze." -Aspen Times

Tanker 910, "Phillips Creek Fire"

"DC-10 Tanker 914 in a left bank while starting it's Phos-Chek Retardant drop, second day of the Apple Fire on the Morongo Indian Reservation, 8-1-20"

- Photo by Steve Whitby

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