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826 Missions, And 7.5 Million Gallons...

September Updates On The 10 Tanker Fleet

During this time the vast majority of Tankers 911 & 912 efforts have been focused on containing the "Complex Fires" in California. From our last update on August 27th, roughly 65 missions had been completed by T911 & T912, on the "Northern Complex Fires" in California. At this time (Sep 3, 2020), that number has increased by 47 drops and 44,180 gallons of retardant, reaching a total of 112 missions completed and 105,280 gallons of retardant delivered.

"It's been a busy year for us, we've completed over 826 mission domestically and have delivered over 7.5 million gallons of fire retardant. All within this fire season, in the United States alone. That wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work of our flight crews, technicians, and ground support teams. They’ve all done an incredible job this season, I feel they really make 10 Tanker the strong force that it is today" - Robert Burrus, 10 Tanker Director Of Operations

There are currently more than 650 wildfires burning throughout the state of California, today. Furthermore, a fair amount of fires have broken out throughout the Great Basin, and Rocky Mountain areas. With Tankers 911, and 912 still heavily focused on both Northern & Southern California, Tankers 910 & 914 have been responding to other incidents in several regions of the U.S.

Here is a small portion of the incidents Tankers 910 & 914 have been working to eliminate:

Slink Fire

Coleville, California. 14,000 acres, 10% contained

6 missions completed, 5,640g of retardant dropped

"It left Slinkard Valley yesterday and came over the hills to burn above Coleville and Walker last night. It was listed as 6500 acres and 5% contained. As I drove away, the brightest spot turned into a fire tornado at least a couple of hundred feet tall."

- Jeff Sullivan, Aug 31, 2020


Big Sur, California. 31,409 acres, 40% contained

3 missions completed, 27,490g of retardant dropped

"Firefighters create a fire line around a home. The fire has grown to more than 20,000 acres since Aug. 18. Several homes on Dolan Ridge Road have been destroyed, according to residents." - Parker Seibold

Bronco Fire

Carefree, Arizona. 34 acres, 100% contained

2 missions completed, 18,688g of retardant dropped

"Tanker 914, a DC-10 Very Large Air Tanker from

10 Tanker drops retardant on the #BroncoFire, burning in the Tonto Forest near Carefree, AZ on August 22, 2020." - JDH Images

Indian Creek

Boise, Idaho. - 48,128 acres , 98% contained

4 missions completed, 3,760g of retardant dropped

"Change of scenery, now on Tanker 910 at Pocatello, ID, and enjoying the 55-degree mornings! We operated on our first duty day, 8/22/20, on the Indian Creek Fire 70 W of Boise, were on a load and return, when we were diverted to the Palmer Fire just south of the Canadian border in the Okanogan with a recovery to Moses Lake, WA. Back to Pokey last night and ready to see what today brings.” RK- Smithy, DC10 Captain @10 Tanker

Though these are just a few of the fires that we've been involved in, there are still several that have not been mentioned. As the season goes on we will continue to inform you of our missions and efforts. Once again, we thank you for all your support.

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