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"Zogg Fire" Destroys 146 Structures

Evacuation orders for more than 50,000 people were issued in Napa, Sonoma, and Shasta counties, where two smaller offshoots of the “Glass Fire”, the “Shady” and “Boysen” fires, merged to expand the blaze. Which have burned tens of thousands of acres, destroying homes, and critical infrastructures along its path.

According to Cal Fire, the “Zogg Fire” has burned through 31,200 acres near Redding in Northern California, while the “Glass Fire” has charred more than 36,200 acres in the Napa and Sonoma wine country north of San Francisco.

Cal fire has also reported the “Zogg Fire” has caused 3 fatalities and destroyed 146 buildings. Another 1,538 structures are threatened by the blaze, which is being fought by 700 fire personnel.

Tankers 911 & 912 have completed 11 missions, and have delivered 102,383 gallons of retardant to contain to the "Zogg Fire".

Despite the severity of the current incidents, other fires within Northern & Southern California have reached higher containment levels. “The Bobcat” fire in Southern California is currently at 99% containment, the “El Dorado” fire currently sits at 93% containment, and several large “Complex” fires in Northern California are reaching full containment.

Once again 10 Tanker thanks you for your support. We will do our best to keep you updated on our missions and fire statuses.

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