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Millions of gallons of fire retardant dropped over Arizona fires.

It goes without saying, Arizona has been hit hard with wildfires this year. As crews work to suppress one wildfire, another major one begins not too far away. It's through the heroic work of brave men & women that we're able reduce the risk of losing homes, business structures, and wildlife.

We’ve been involved in the majority of every fire in Arizona, working with firefighters, smokejumpers, and communities to get the job done. Here is a short summary of the major fires we’ve been able to create the most impact on:

Big Horn: 47 drops, 441,800g of Fire Retardant

Mangum: 34 drops, 319,600g of Fire Retardant

Bush Fire: 19 drops, 178,600g of Fire Retardant

Wood Springs 2: 15 drops, 141,000of Fire Retardant

Blue River: 13 drops, 122,200g of Fire Retardant

Saw Tooth: 12 drops, 112,800g of Fire Retardant

Central Fire: 11 drops, 103,400 of Fire Retardant

Aquila Fire: 2 drops, 18,800g of Fire Retardant

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