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Operation Coahuila

10 Tanker’s first mission of the season is located outside of Monterrey, Mexico. The fire originated in the Coahuila Province of Mexico on March 16. The fire has resulted in mandatory evacuations of more than 400 residents of the region.

Officials originally announced 70% containment on March 22nd. But by Tuesday, high winds and drought conditions reinvigorated the blaze, which began getting dangerously close to homes in the area on Wednesday 24th.

Already current fires in Mexico have affected 29,559 acres of forest lands

nationwide, the third most extensive loss of forest lands in a decade.

It was with the protection of his people in mind that the governor of Coahuila, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, called upon 10 Tanker Air Carrier for support.

On Saturday March 27th, 10TAC’s Tanker 912, led by Captain Kevin Hopf, was mobilized to Mexico. Upon arrival, weather conditions prevented T-912 from carrying out missions. However, state helicopter crews were able to provide air support for firefighters on the ground. Riding along those helicopters was 10 Tanker's pilot Ryan Curl. He's experience has assisted air attack and ground personnel, helping to coordinate where

tanker operations will be most effective.

As of this article’s publication, T-912 has completed seven missions, dropping forty thousand gallons of retardant onto the fire zones. While the future of our original 1-week contract is uncertain, 10 Tanker is honored to play a role in the protection of life and property for the residents of Coahuila, Mexico.

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